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Covid19 Testing- update March 26th

All test appointments for Friday 27 March and after are now cancelled

If you have;

A fever and a cough, or a fever and shortness of breath, AND you are in a priority group you should call your GP to arrange a new test.

A priority group is one of the following:

1. Someone who has a immunosupressed chronic disease such as lung disease, cardiac disease, chronic severe illness. - so we monitor carefully

2. Healthcare workers: doctors, nurses,healthcare assistants – to enable frontline staff continue to work.

3. Facilities environment: where there is a risk of an outbreak among vulnerable people such as in a nursing home.

If you don’t meet above criteria and are not in priority group.

Please isolate for at least 14 days from the start of your symptoms and have no fever for at least 5 days.

General Advice

While it is more usual that a GP who orders a test for a patient gives them a result in this instance the HSE has decided that it is more important for the PH Doc to communicate the result to you so they can start the process of contact tracing. We would ask that you be patient and wait for the text or phone call from public health doctors.

Remember the advice is the same until you know the results of the test Continue self-isolation at home for 14 day. People in the household will also need to restrict their movements for 14 days only going to shops or pharmacy as necessary.


The treatment for COVID-19 is rest, fluids and paracetamol if you have a fever, aches and pains. While we understand you would like to know for definite whether you have COVID-19 or not the country is in the middle of a major public health crisis and we now need to prioritise our testing of the following:

1. Those who are more at risk of the more severe form of COVID -19 so we can monitor them carefully

2. HealthCare Workers so we can keep them at the front line

3. Facilities/ Environments where there is a risk of an outbreak amongst vulnerable people such as in a nursing home

If your symptoms persist or worsen please call your GP or if an emergency call 112/999.

The advice remains the same, Stay Home , Isolate x14 days, Do Not go out after that unless totally well. Follow HSE advice at all times. For more information on self isolating and self-restricting please see hse.ie or for more information from our clinic visit our Covid 19 Page

HSE Guidelines on COVID-19

COVID-19 Guidelines